KLIR - Ceramic Art and Design

Ceramic - Teacher - Consultant - Project Manager

Special orders are a welcome challenge

Book well in advance (at least a month before) to get the best result

In my workshop I make unique ceramic works, experiment with the material and look for different tactile expressions.
In addition to creating my own works, I participate in teaching, various projects and various professional contexts.

It is the curiosity and love of the clay as material that is the driving force as well
studies that provide insight and understanding of the material's possibilities and expressions.

I receive ordering assignments that challenge my professionalism.

I participate in Cros-over collaboration with other disciplines.

The word "diversity" fits well with my work as a potter.


From June 2020 to June 2021 – for an entire year - there will be no new exhibitions.

I have received grants from the State Art Fund and from the housing fund KUBEN, and thus been given the opportunity to concentrate on the further development of my project: "Living Masonry" or "Integrated Art in Brick". I am looking forward to it and you can follow the development of the project on my blog and under the menu on my website “Brick Art & Masonry”.

Throughout the period you can always visit my workshop or purchase my pieces in "Workshop” in Vestergade, Odense.

I’m excited about all this and look forward to seeing what the year brings forth, creatively.

Supported by: www.boligfondenkuben.dk and www.kunst.dk

Permanent exhibitions in

  • Workshop shop Vestergade 59 in Odense.
  • Sales exhibition in my workshop.
  • Exhibition of 6 masonry with brick pictures and relief stones at Egernsund Tile's exhibition space in Egernsund.
  • Exhibition of four brickworks at the Catrinesminde Brick Museum