Brickwork & Masonry

The individual touch and the specialness that gives a building its own identity is the field I work with.

In collaboration with Brickworks and the Technical School, I work on the development of new bricks, as decorative elements in masonry.

The collaboration with Egernsund Tegl has developed into a project "Living Masonry".

It is integrated art in masonry with light / shadow effects, patterns and figurative elements.

"Living Brick-work"

"Living Brick-work" lives because the bricks are designes to create interplay between light and shadow, depending on time of day and weather.

To me, brick is the most beautiful building material we have.

A palpable loss of artistic and architectural identity occured when we ceased to use bricks decorativly.

I wish to rectify that.

But how do you infuse a present day sensibility into brickwork.

How can bricks bestow a unique identity on a building in ways that that is viable both financially and practically.

That is what Living Brickwork is all about.